Michigan's Nik Stauskas avoids dangers of Twitter bashing_0

# 17/01/2013 à 08:09 darrenmnceingr (site web)
Earlier today, . More or less, Izzo's contention is that there's a lot more negativity than anything in social media and that players aren't immune to the pitfalls of the pithy comments from armchair quarterbacks. Nik Stauskas' immunity was tested Sunday. The Michigan freshman three-point marksman did not score a point in U-M's 56-53 loss to Ohio State, the Wolverines' first loss of the season. After the game, . , Stauskas said he was inundated with negative comments. So what would you do if you're a 19-year-old freshman and just had your worse performance of your young career in the biggest game (so far) of the season?Exactly. Luckily, Stauskas isn't the typical 19-year-old. Discretion was the better part of valor this time around, as Stauskas held his tongue and his thumbs from responding. But it didn't stop him from wondering a few things. "I was kind of surprised these were Michigan fans," he said Monday. "If you start to explain yourself," Stauskas says, "you kind of look stupid yourself."Perhaps U-M teammate Corey Person summed up how players should handle Twitter best in this story written by Eric Adelson: "Fans are going to be your best friends when you win and walk away when you lose. The danger is you start to play for the fans instead of for the people in the locker room."

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